Luxury Branding Project Launches of 2021

Looking back on 2021, I feel incredibly proud of what has been achieved at Sarah Shuttle, a creative luxury branding studio working with clients worldwide. 2021 was an incredible year! On a personal note, I’m very lucky to have worked with some of the best clients, on the most amazing projects all whilst turning my own business goals into a reality. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2022, but first here’s a summary of all the projects completed and launched over the last 12 months. 

All these clients initially enquire to elevate their visual brand presence so it represents the quality of service or products offered. 

Here at Sarah Shuttle, I’m very fortunate to work across a wide range of industries including the wedding, beauty, wellness and fashion accessories industries. All 11 projects were launched throughout the year, including

  • 2 Wedding Planners
  • 2 Wedding Photographers
  • 1 Bridal Boutique
  • 1 Wellness Brand
  • 1 Beauty Clinic
  • 1 Cake Designer
  • 2 Jewellery Designers
  • 1 Marketing Agency

Each and every project is different. Each client I work with has different hopes and dreams for their business, and it’s my job to work with these clients to transform and elevate their business goals. So, let’s learn more about each project.


Love & Luxury is a luxury wedding and event planner in Orange County, California. For this project, we completed a re-brand from K Sage Events to Love & Luxury, as well as designing and creating a new website. The brief entailed an elegant and timeless monogram with a neutral colour palette. 


Amalina Bakes is a luxury cake business serving clients throughout London and the surrounding counties. Amal wanted to attract and book more ideal clients with an edgy, modern and alternative style. This project consisted of creating and designing new branding and high-end stationery. 

“Without the branding I wouldn’t have booked such incredible venues such as The Shard… Sarah has designed a branding that I’m very proud to call my own – sleek and elegant with a modern twist. When she sent me the mood board, I was very impressed at how well she understood me and my business. She managed to translate my brief perfectly and exceeded my expectations. She has helped me to elevate my business that really sets me apart from others”. Amal – Amalina Bakes 


Next up is another amazing luxury wedding planner part of the Sarah Shuttle portfolio. Marshecka Weddings is a luxury wedding planner in South California. A re-brand that went from Chique Weddings & Events to Marshecka Weddings with beautiful luxury stationery suites and boxes for high-end clients. 


A very proud client that not only made her investment with Sarah Shuttle back within a week but booked her new highest package within days of launching! This re-brand project reviewed branding, website design and stationery. We worked effortlessly to transform ‘Double H Photography’ to Hunter Hennes Photography. 

“You cannot go wrong with Sarah Shuttle. She is, without a doubt, incredible, and the things she can and will do for your business are priceless”. – Hunter Hennes 

Learn more about how Hunter transformed her business receiving 5 wedding enquiries within 5 days of launching. Since re-branding Hunter is completely and utterly confident in her brand. 


Melissa Ivy is a wedding photographer based in Arizona, US. Melissa gave the brief of ‘fine art but fun’ and we created the most amazing tagline for her business: joyful fine art wedding photography for your love story.


Bridal Indulgence is a high-end bridal boutique in Farnham, Surrey specialising in a boho-luxe style. A project which consisted of new branding and stationery.  This brand was elevated to represent the higher end bridal dress designers and ideal clients of this bridal brand. The main goal was to elevate this brand and make Bridal Indulgence stand out in the crowded market as a luxury bridal boutique with a difference. 

Read more about the project here.

LB Pain Release

LB Pain Release was a very creative and fun project which included new branding and a beautiful monogram (which will be part of my portfolio, forever!). A wellness business re-brand that required quality, stone and refined branding to exceed the expectations of the current and ideal audience. 

During the initial brand design process, ‘strength’ and ‘freedom’ were two words that really resonated with Louise. Clients of LB Pain Release are strong people who need to be free from pain, therefore, we incorporated this into the design using bold, powerful and strong branding. Read the full case study here. 


Toska Spa is a skincare expert working with celebrities all over the world, Toska Husted opened her spa and facial bar in Charlotte, North Carolina. We worked together to create a truly bespoke brand design, that is showcased in all marketing materials including Toska Spa beauty robes, uniforms, candles and diffusers.

Miriam Elizabeth Fine Jewellery

Miriam Elizabeth UK is an elegant fine jewellery designer that deserved beautiful and timeless branding to reflect the quality of jewellery and reflect Miriam’s individual style. We refined the initial “M” that captures the magic and class of her jewels. This monogram worked perfectly for the jewellery packaging. 

Anne-Marie Designs

Anne-Marie Designs is a creative, floral-inspired jewellery and accessories brand that was elevated and transformed to attract similar clientele. For this project, we created a stunning monogram shield that was hand-crafted and hand-sketched with floral elements. A project consisting of branding and stationery design. 

“Sarah’s eye for detail and the utter artistic skill she possesses makes her the best of the best but what takes her to a level no other branding expert is on is the passion she feeds from. She doesn’t just give your brand a new look she gives it life”. – Katherine, Anne-Marie Designs 

Previously, Katherine felt Anne-Marie Designs lacked any branding and felt there was a large disconnect in her business. We created a new brand identity that truly reflected the quality of Anne-Marie Designs, a unique and elevated brandy identity. Anne-Marie Designs has since been featured in Vanity Fair, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and other high-profile publications all across the worldwide. Discover more of one of my proudest branding achievements here.  

No Filter Marketing

No Filter Marketing is a boutique creative marketing agency based in Scotland that specialises in evocative social media, design, copywriting and much more. This project included visual branding of chic, deep rich jewel tones with a modern and contemporary twist. 

Please get in touch if you are looking to elevate your visual brand identity and start working with those bigger clients on bigger projects, generating more income than you imagined. The books are open for projects in 2022 and the time is now! 

Join me in the coming months for more client case studies. 


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