How my client’s rebrand led to a 791% increase in sales (& features in Vogue)

In the spring of 2021, I started working with Katherine, Director and Jewellery Designer at Anne-Marie Designs.

Anne-Marie Designs is a luxury women’s accessory brand that specialises in hand-crafted heirlooms for everyday and bridal looks. These beautiful accessories are inspired by florals, fine art and timeless design. The problem was that their visual brand identity didn’t reflect the high-end quality of their products or the level of detail in the artistry involved. 

Each piece is perfectly hand-crafted and the designs are simply exquisite. But because their branding didn’t reflect this, Katherine felt there was a large disconnect in her business. 

That’s when she found me and after working together to create a unique brand that embodied the essence of Anne-Marie Designs, she saw a 791% increase in sales and has had multiple features in publications such as Tatler and Vogue.

Here’s how we did it.

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Before the brand transformation 

Katherine’s designs sold well at local fairs but she had a big vision for expanding her brand.

She was on a mission to elevate her business and wanted her designs to be seen, and worn, by a bigger audience! She wanted more wedding industry collaboration opportunities, wholesale stockists and high-profile features. 

To do this, we needed to position Anne-Marie Designs as a cut above the rest rather than just another handmade Etsy and craft fair seller. 

So we dove deep into her brand identity and positioned her brand as a leading fresh talent with finely handcrafted elegant creations that were on trend in both the fashion and bridal world. 

How we created a brand that increased her sales by nearly 800%

When creating a logo and other branding visuals it’s important to stay true to yourself. Your brand image should attract and talk to your ideal audience but also represent you. 

Anne-Marie Designs jewellery pieces are heavily inspired by florals. Therefore, it was only natural to include this within the branding. Initially, we discussed the mission of Anne-Marie Designs, Katherine’s values and beliefs both professionally and personally and the overall business goals. It became apparent that Katherine was very passionate and inspired by fine art, renaissance and romance. 

“If you are looking for a branding specialist, someone who will hear you, someone who will see you, someone who is so much more than you could imagine, well then Sarah is your girl.”

– Katherine, Anne-Marie Designs

This beautiful brand design involved elements created digitally by hand, from floral sketches to the paint wash pattern, in ProCreate with one of my favourite tools, the Apple Pencil. This design perfectly sums up the artistry of Anne-Marie Designs and is truly unique to the brand.

Different brushes and strokes were used for each design, creating a truly unique and bespoke offering. Each hand-sketched floral element creates a feminine and elegant feel, two words that Katherine felt represented when designing her business which was originally outlined in the brief. Each design was hand-sketched with lots of unique and intricate pieces adding to the brand’s final look. 

Equipped with a new, elevated brand identity with hand-crafted logos, florals sketched by hand, pale colour pallet, modern elegant fonts and other signature brand elements such as wax stamps, foiled business cards and care cards, she launched her rebrand.

And the results have been incredible. 

Since sharing her rebrand with the world, Anne-Marie Designs has gone way beyond craft fairs.

She’s not only seen a 791% increase in sales but works with international wholesale stockists and has had multiple features in a variety of luxury publications such as Tatler, Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazar.

This case study will always be one of my favourites, not just for the visual identity itself (which is stunning) but because it so clearly illustrates the true power of a strong visual brand identity on a business. It has the power to transform a brand.

And of course, a branding case study wouldn’t be complete without feedback from my amazing client herself:

“Sarah’s eye for detail and the utter artistic skill she possesses makes her the best of the best but what takes her to a level no other branding expert is on is the passion she feeds from. She doesn’t just give your brand a new look, she gives it life.”

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