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Clearly reflect your luxury brand's premium services through elegant, high-end branding solutions which speak to the affluent market you deserve to work with. I expertly blend creative elements to build you a visual identity that distinctly reflects the true essence of your luxury brand. You will no longer be one of the crowd, but one in a million.

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Your luxury brand deserves

You only get one first impression.

Make it count.

In the world of luxury, you’re only as good as you look. To be perceived as luxurious, your aesthetics have got to match. I wrap your brand in luxury appeal to denote feelings of timeless elegance, impeccable class and exceptional standards. At one glance, your affluent audience will instantly connect with you, and paying a premium becomes unquestionable. Expect a visual dream that you didn’t know was possible.

"Choosing to work with Sarah means partnering with a creative mind that not only possesses exceptional talent, but also goes the extra mile to understand your ideas and visions, and somehow translates that and brings those visions to life through a full branding suite. It’s magic!”

Bespoke service

For over a decade I have been working within the luxury market. My knowledge goes beyond surface-level insights. I know the intricate motivators which persuade luxury audiences to buy and I weave this specialist knowledge through every visual detail. This allows you to form powerful connections with your customers, helping your business to flourish and grow.


in your


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Luxury branding services

My luxury design services cover all stages of the buyer's journey, so your high-end image never falters. I reimagine your business through luxury brand and website design along with luxury stationery and marketing materials. The bespoke nature of my work means your designs are always 100% unique.

Your refreshingly refined image will leave every visitor with a feeling of complete relief. They’ve found the luxury brand they were looking for because you discovered the luxury designer that made it happen.

"Without Sarah I would never have found perfection. She literally is the Hermès handbag of brand design, the best of the best. Sarah, you took all the hopes and dreams in my head and made it a reality."


Luxury Brand Designer FAQ

Your branding is the face of your luxury business so it’s understandable that you want to make sure you’re investing in the right person. Here are my most common FAQs to address any questions you may have.


I offer three unique luxury services to suit businesses at different stages. My luxury brand design package is for those seeking a polished visual brand identity that they can consistently share at every touchpoint.

My luxury web design service is for those brands looking for a full website makeover in addition to the luxury brand design service.

My à la carte services are additional bespoke options for my brand clients needing a luxury touch in more specific areas. These include stationery design, digital marketing materials, copywriting, and creative direction retainers. See my list of services here.



I’m a highly experienced luxury brand designer who’s built up my expertise over 12 years. During that time I launched my luxury brand studio which I have been successfully running for six years. My signature luxury designs have caught the eyes of successful and renowned businesses across the globe.



My skills and expertise as a luxury brand designer can be proven through my high calibre of clientele that chooses to work with me time and time again.

My clients have been featured in Vogue, Tatler, Forbes, Vanity Fair and Harpers Bazaar and many of them have a prestigious celebrity client base. Not only does my luxury brand studio create designs that look beautiful but they drive real, tangible results.

After working with me, my clients have managed to quadruple their monthly income, raised their prices by 110%, become recommended suppliers for world-renowned venues such as The Ritz, The Savoy and the Shangri-La and some have made their investment back within just two weeks.

I have worked hard to build my reputation as the go-to luxury brand designer for some of the biggest brands in the world. Choosing me is the step you need to take if you want to break into the luxury market. Learn more about me here.


Who do I typically work with?

I work with outstanding luxury service providers in a multitude of different industries including events and bridal, beauty and wellness, lifestyle, fashion and design, the arts, venues and hotels, interiors and decor, boutiques and retail, cuisine and patisserie, property and real state, entertainment, strategy and coaching.

See more from my portfolio here.

Who do I typically work with?

What's the difference between your studio and an agency?

You get to work with me on a 1:1 basis gaining full access to my expert design skills that no agency can replicate. I work closely alongside you to ensure I get to know your luxury brand on a deeper level; giving you the dedicated, personal bespoke service that an agency can’t offer.

What's the difference between your studio and an agency?

Does your luxury brand studio use templates?

Everything is bespoke for my 1:1 clients, created from scratch for your brand. I offer a range of pre-made logos and semi-custom brand suites in the shop, as well as templates for digital materials including brochures and social media templates.

Does your luxury brand studio use templates?

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