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Hi, I'm Sarah.

My high-end branding studio was founded in 2016, and when I think about the path that led me here, it has been somewhat, inevitable.

For as long as I can remember, my mind has always been beautifully creative, yet seriously strategic. My thoughts would capture unique and uncharted ideas, leading me down a rabbit hole of artistic bliss. I drew inspiration from my love affair with history, art, fashion, architecture, culture and nature. I was always fascinated by shape, form and colour, and historical and cultural references used to flood my thoughts. Then my strategic mind would bring me back down to earth. I went to college and studied Maths, Psychology, French and Spanish but it never really spoke to me. I knew I had to think unconventionally about what I wanted to do.

That’s when I found my place as a luxury designer. It was the perfect blend of artistic admiration, creative exploration and strategic analysis.

My creative thinking helps my ideas flourish and my strategic thinking helps me bring those thoughts to life.

Sarah's work is so magnificent and she provided a first class experience throughout the design process. I have seen my profits triple since the re-branding and I am extremely grateful to Sarah!!!



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I believe you know a career is right for you when the work is truly effortless. My unique intuition has carved my path for success because I instinctively understand every element of luxury design. I don’t consciously think about whether something is right or wrong, I just know.

High-End Branding Became Effortless


I’ve always appreciated the care and attention to detail that accompanies luxury products and services, and this has helped me connect so deeply with my clients. They come to me with a vision and I can instantly pinpoint the creative components which are going to take them there. I don’t just design high-end solutions which look beautiful, I make sure they achieve a desired goal.

My ability to blend beauty with functionality has supported me on my journey to work with dream clients and their results speak volumes about my innate flair for high-end branding.

and my results were proof

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