for creative service providers who know that premium doesn’t have to be pretentious

…and there’s a high likelihood that I’m sporting loungewear as you read this.

As a luxury brand designer, you might assume that I’m permanently dressed head-to-toe in Chanel — but let's get real for a second.

Yes, luxury branding design should be glossy, curated, and flawless. But that doesn’t mean that we as women who work in the industry must be, too. As experts in our fields, we deserve to be defined by the quality of our offerings, services, and skills — not by our background or what we look like. If you feel the same way, we should talk.

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As a designer, I’m passionate about the work I do. There’s no such thing as “just another project” — I believe in creating genuine connections with the people I work with.

When you choose to partner with me on your visual branding, I make sure that I get to know you and your business. I then custom-create a high-end design strategy with YOU at the heart of it that’ll make your dream clients want to reach out and book.

If you’ve outgrown your current visual identity and are ready for branding that truly reflects your brilliance, we can make that happen.

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"Sarah's work is so magnificent and she provided a first class experience throughout the design process. I have seen my profits triple since the re-branding and I am extremely grateful to Sarah!"



I believe in

over ostentatious extravagance

The aspirational aesthetics were what first drew many of us to the luxury industry. But let’s be real — they can get pretty exhausting.

When I launched my luxury branding business in 2016, I thought I needed to embody the opulent visuals that I create in my work. But those glossy, curated images that I choose to spend my days surrounded by weren’t reflecting how I felt inside.

Over the years, I’ve started showing up more and more as my true self (in life and business). To me, the greatest luxury of all is being my authentic self. I love knowing that it’s 100% ok to love the finer things in life and also have a favourite pair of work-from-home joggers. 

I’ve worked with dozens of creative service providers who value authenticity as well as aesthetic beauty. Get to know some of them by taking a look at my portfolio.

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