Katherine of Anne-Marie Designs approached me in spring of 2021 after the launch of her unique clay floral-inspired jewellery collection. She needed a visual brand identity that fully reflected the quality of the products and detail of the artistry involved.

Her work has now been featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harpers Bazaar and other high-profile publications.

The visual branding includes intricate hand-sketched floral elements and a modern, feminine, elegant monogram. The patterns were also digitally created by hand.



From the moment we met I knew Sarah was just the person and that this was the right moment for me and the company that was built from my soul’s passion. Sarah did not disappoint; I gave her the hard task of very poorly trying to explain what was in my head. It was like Sarah could see so clearly into my head when all I could see were the scattered pieces.

Sarah’s eye for detail and the utter artistic skill she possesses makes her the best of the best but what takes her to a level no other branding expert is on is the passion she feeds from. She doesn’t just give your brand a new look she gives it life.

She listens to the way you talk about your company; she hears you from the soul and uses the passion you have for your business and puts every ounce of that into your branding making your branding a true representation of what your brand is from its very core, you. If you are looking for a branding specialist, someone who will hear you, someone who will see you, someone who is so much more thank you could imagine, well then Sarah is your girl.

What Katherine says...

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