Is luxury branding suitable for your business? (+ new wellness brand launch)

“I questioned whether Sarah’s luxury branding work was too beautiful and not the correct fit for my line of business being pain release of chronic syndromes. My mind was changed within minutes and I wish I’d taken the step sooner.”

– Louise, LB Pain Release

Lately, I’ve been contemplating the meaning of the word “pretty”. I’ve been discussing with clients and other industry creatives whether or not luxury branding is important for typically non-pretty brands. Your brand identity, brand voice and quality of service you offer are all important. In such a digital world, your branding is more important than ever, regardless of if you have a stereotypical “pretty” product or service.

There’s often some confusion about what’s deemed as “pretty”. The online world is full of pretty. Pretty brands, pretty aesthetics, pretty products and pretty people. What’s “pretty” to me, might not be “pretty” to you. 

Does my business warrant luxury branding? 

Louise from L.B Pain Release questioned whether or not luxury branding was important for her business. As a service-based business offering pain release of chronic syndromes, Louise felt her business was not deemed as ‘pretty’ and she questioned if she could ever warrant working with me. Whilst Louise was confident in my ability, Louise was cautious if luxury branding would work for her business. 

Louise explains, “Sarah was on my radar for quite some time before I plunged for a consultation call. Her work was clearly beautiful and of a high spec but I questioned whether it was too beautiful and not the correct for my line of business being pain release of chronic syndromes.”

Ultimately, quality is incredibly important to me and one of my core brand values. The quality of service I deliver is impeccable to the success of my business. If you offer a high-quality service and positive customer journey, that to me, is luxury and warrants luxury branding. Regardless of if you offer “pretty” products or are a service based business. It’s all about building a strong brand essence and brand image that is credible, inspires your target audience and most importantly builds trust. Building trust is crucial, without trust we don’t fully collaborate. In Louise’s case this is even more important. L.B Pain Release offers medical treatment that might be painful or cause a level of discomfort.  

Photos: Visible by Hannah

Together, we endeavoured to create a new brand identity that was welcoming and calming. Strength and freedom were two words that really resonated with Louise during the initial branding design process. Louise’s clients are strong people who need to be free from pain. We aimed to incorporate this into the design using bold, powerful and strong branding.

Photo: Visible by Hannah

 “Sarah really listens and delved into my thought process so intuitively I was left with absolutely confidence. The design work, communication and support has been absolutely second to none. I can’t wait to show off her work and have no doubt it will propel my business to new heights. Every business needs a Sarah Shuttle Creative and every girl needs Sarah for a friend.”

Whether you consider yourself a “pretty” brand or not, if you want to create a brand that portrays “quality” then get in touch to find out more about how I can help you.


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