How Luxury Print Materials Can Help You Gain High-End Clients

In this day and age, digital marketing is the biggest contender when it comes to showcasing your brand, but that doesn’t mean that printed media is dead. In fact, quite the opposite! Printed materials are absolutely invaluable to any business but for a luxury business aiming to attract high-end clientele? They’re essential. If you’re not yet persuaded, read on…


A successful luxury brand is so much more than just having an online presence and print is an integral ingredient within the marketing mix. Social media takes up a huge part of a business’ marketing investment, but for that very reason it can be hard to get noticed amongst hundreds, thousands and even millions of posts per day across a multitude of platforms. 


Quality printed goods enable your business to extend your reach to potential customers that may have missed you amongst the noise. You need to show that you are head and shoulders above the rest. Essentially, it’s another avenue to gain exposure. But it’s so much more than that. You can infuse luxury into printed materials in a way that is hard to match in the digital space.

A business event invitation, designed with thick luxury card and embossed calligraphy, tied with a ribbon or sealed with a wax stamp? Perhaps you may want to create a luxurious box that offers so much more than just an announcement when you open it, it’s a series of paper delights, one that tells your brand’s story. 


And it’s not just potential customers you can wow. You can use the materials to reach other high-end businesses, thereby building relationships that can increase your credibility through association. Collaborating and connecting with ‘linked’ service providers – those who share the same target audience but are not in direct competition with you – is a way to get in front of a new audience and build a referral circle. 


It goes without saying, printed materials have longevity and unlike a social media post or an e-newsletter that can disappear within seconds, a brochure can be picked up, viewed, put down, viewed again etc. A beautiful notecard left on a desk that gets picked up by someone else, a box shared with friends and associates – the fact is that print lives longer.


Last but certainly not least, let’s not forget the key in building a luxury brand: evoking emotion. Nothing beats receiving something in the post, something tangible and authentic. It creates an experience for a potential customer – you know, the curiosity and excitement – the feelings that come up because it’s different and rare in a digital age. Evoking emotion creates a memory. And if your brand has evoked that emotion? You will stay in the mind of the recipient.


Digital marketing and printed materials can also work in harmony together, link them to one another so that you can really make a mark in your customer’s mind. This will again help you to stand out from your competitors – everyone does digital, but do they do both? Engage with your potential customers on multiple platforms and levels, while maximising your reach. You have the opportunity to use all options out there.

By making the most of printed materials, you are giving your luxury brand the edge when it comes to reaching, engaging and connecting with high-end clientele.

As a luxury branding studio, I offer a full printed material design service as an option for my branding clients. Book a complimentary consultation here and let’s discuss how we can transform your brand through luxury design so that you can gain more ideal clients, more income and grow in influence and impact!


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