How To Get More High-End Clients Through Brand Collaborations

Making strategic partnerships through your business can lead to huge brand growth and more high-end clients – if you make the right moves. Fact. Let me show you how…

1. Reach a bigger audience

Collaborating with a bigger brand or publication that is aligned with your business and shares the same target market means you can get in front of more ideal clients by using their platform. There will be an exchange in value – you can offer something that will benefit that target audience and the brand, and as such you get to share your expertise and authority with more ideal clients than on your own platforms.

2. Build credibility by association

Making a partnership with a bigger, higher-profile brand that is the right fit for yours (thus making it a strategic partnership) means your brand grows in credibility in the eyes of your target audience. If you are collaborating with a certain brand or publication they rate and trust, they see that as an endorsement of your brand and they trust you more by association.

3. Come to the attention of even bigger brands and high profile companies

Strategic partnerships have a ladder effect. By collaborating with a bigger brand, not only do you reach a bigger, shared target audience, but you can come to the attention of even larger, higher profile brands – which means you can repeat the above two steps!

4. Brand Growth

It’s a ripple effect of brand growth resulting in more ideal clients, income, influence and impact.

But first? Those potential collaborators have to be able to take you seriously as a brand. When there are so many of your competitors they can go to, they’re not going to look beyond bad visuals and wait for you to prove your worth.

Associating with your brand will reflect on them.

My client Hayley is now a recommended supplier featured on the websites and in the brochures of some of the UK’s most prestigious venues including Somerley House (featured in The Crown) and Chewton Glen. That’s a massive transformation from her farmers’ market cupcake seller origins.

5. Features

My client Hannah of Visible, a brand I have worked on from the very start, has subsequently been hired by clients who have resulted in her work being featured in the likes of Tatler, Vanity Fair and Stylist Magazine.

High-end brands, prestigious publications, luxury venues, the list goes on… they have a huge market from which to choose whom to collaborate with.

They will look at your brand and decide whether to look deeper or reject based solely on what they see.

Would your brand be something with which they would want to associate, based on your visuals alone?

If not, it’s time for us to chat. Elevating a brand through visuals is my zone of expertise, and I am already filling my limited diary of 12 slots for 2021. Book a free consultation here or make an enquiry.


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