Case Study: Luxury branding transformation for bridal boutique

“Sarah understands how important it is that your branding needs to be right and 100% loved by you.”

– Kerri Ashworth, Bridal Indulgence Boutique


After losing her love for her business during the Covid-19 pandemic, Kerri recognised that she needed to re-build her confidence in her brand again and with the plan to stock a higher-end price point of designer gown at her Hampshire bridal boutique, Kerri needed visuals to reflect this and realised her current brand simply didn’t showcase the luxury that hung behind the boutique doors.

I set out to work on elevating the Bridal Indulgence brand to stand out as a luxury bridal boutique with a difference. Working with Kerri on this project was amazing as I got to watch her love for her brand re-ignite and helped to give back her confidence. Something every business owner deserves to have.



Working on Kerri’s rebrand perfectly shows why creating something bespoke is so important. Kerri needed visuals that were not only luxurious but needed to reflect the setting in which her boutique is situated as well as the rustic style of the boutique itself and in turn, the style of dress she stocks. Kerri attracts brides who are a little more alternative and looking for a little bit of Boho Luxe for their wedding dress. 

By getting to know Kerri so well, I was able to let myself feel her brand and see it come to life in front of me. Keeping a feather within the brand was something Kerri and I talked about a lot because the boutique is nestled within the tranquillity of the Hampshire countryside surrounded by pheasants and birds. The location of Bridal Indulgence can only be described as magical and discovered more about it, with its wooden beams and boho gowns with a luxe twist, I literally ‘saw’ stars.


With every client I work with, I create a mood board and what stood out as such a focal point for Kerri’s board was a pair of Freya Rose boots, I had found on her grid which featured an almost iridescent lilac star within the heel. I instantly knew this had to be the foundation for the mood board I created for her brand. 

I started by sketching and turned into abstract line art shapes with shadows. Combined with clean, modern typography the Bridal Indulgence brand began to take shape. 


During the next stage, I began ‘painting’ on my iPad pro, and as I let my pen flow, patterns emerged; my favourite being the feather effect. After some digital wizardry to play with the shades, gradients and shadows, the brand came to life and combined with the clean typography the branding is modern, a little rustic and a little magic too. 

Since launching her brand, Kerri has a new passion for her business. Her new branding has given her the confidence she needed and she’s started to reach out to more suppliers to raise her visibility. She’s even showing up in her marketing because of the confidence and passion she’s now got which is proof that branding really can make all the difference. Thank you Kerri for your kind praise.

In her words…

“After being forced to open and close through this pandemic and all the emotional stress and uncertainty that came with it, I lost a bit of love for my business. Working with Sarah has reignited my love and excitement again and given me the confidence that I lost in 2020. I’m so excited to reopen and share my beautiful new branding with everyone. Sarah was constantly in touch and sharing her different ideas with me. It felt like she was just as excited about my brand as I was! But the best thing was how extremely patient Sarah was with me. I gave Sarah a tough brief and she absolutely nailed it. Sarah really listens and gets to know you and your business. She is extremely patient and understands how important it is that your branding needs to be right and 100% loved by you.”

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