High-End Brand Transformation: Hunter Hennes Photography

“Going into this, I was clueless. I knew I had wanted to create a new look for my business, but I had no idea how I was going to do that.”


Previously known as Double H Photography, Oklahoma & Minnesota wedding photographer Hunter has been capturing love stories since 2019, but knew she wasn’t charging her worth. She recognised that it was time to make a change and to reach her full potential as a wedding photographer, Hunter knew she had to nail her brand identity. It was a pleasure to work with Hunter on this project and the results speak for themselves – with 5 wedding enquiries within 5 days of launching, while also making her investment back 3 times over in just 7 days. And let’s not forget the most important thing; she is completely and utterly confident in her brand. 

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Hunter’s rebrand was the perfect example of elevating visuals to reach a higher end client, while raising your prices and getting noticed (and not forgotten). Along with a detailed questionnaire and a discovery call, I worked with Hunter to find out where her brand was, what she was experiencing with her brand and why she wanted to change. It takes a lot of unravelling to really dig into a brand and I take my time to get to know each and every client – after all, your personality should effortlessly align with your branding and visuals. As part of the rebranding process, we got stuck in to find out about Hunter’s brand values and what they stood for going forwards. She wanted her visuals to reflect her honesty, authenticity and joy; in a luxurious way. Hunter knew she wanted to stray away from lifestyle sessions to focus solely on wedding and engagement photography, while broadening her locations worldwide and adding more destination work to her portfolio. 

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As with every client I work with, I created a mood-board for Hunter using various visuals. and a colour palette that suited the direction of her rebrand. We went for a selection of dusty blue hues, soft ivory, tan and warm muted pink accents – high-end, elegant and fresh that matched the tones of her photography editing style. With the mood-board approved, I sent Hunter various bespoke ‘HH’ monogram concepts for her to consider. Each logo variety included different arrangements, sub-marks, patterns and details. While Hunter adored all of the concepts, she chose one that was incredibly chic and modern – the perfect reflection of where ultimately, she wanted her brand to be.

Hunter had a wedding fair booked for Mid-January, so we ensured the rebrand was ready for her to attend. She went into the fair with total confidence in her brand and as a result, had an enquiry for her top wedding package, 5 wedding enquiries within 5 days of launching, and quickly made her investment back not once, not twice but three times over in under a week. It’s been an absolute joy to work with Hunter and see the transformation of her brand, as well as her confidence within her brand identity. They really do work hand in hand. Thank you to Hunter for your kind words…

“I honestly can’t say enough great things about Sarah! Going into this, I was clueless. I knew I had wanted to create a new look for my business, but I had no idea how I was going to do that. Sarah took my ideas, which, in truth, were all over the place, and created something I never could have imagined for my business. She was so professional and worked with me every step of the way. There wasn’t a moment where I felt I wasn’t in good hands. The best part about working with Sarah was not only the beautiful graphics and logos she designed for my business, but the experience I had as a whole while working with her– I felt like I had found a friend and that meant the world to me. If someone were to ask me why they should hire her over another, I’d say it’s simple. Sarah will elevate your business to places you never thought possible. Her talent is truly unmatched, her kindness and energy are contagious, and she really cares–she cares about her product, your experience, and about you. And that’s hard to find. You cannot go wrong with Sarah Shuttle. She is, without a doubt, incredible, and the things she can and will do for your business are priceless.”

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