Ways to make your brand worthy of a premium price point

Making the decision to become a luxury brand can be an exciting milestone for your business, however it is also a complex one. If it were as simple as raising your prices, or just calling yourself “luxury”, everybody would make the shift and start enjoying the benefits of what can be a brilliantly lucrative market. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate the minefield alone. By hiring the help of an industry specialist, such as a luxury brand designer and consultant, you can be sure your transition into the luxury space is seamless, well-informed and most importantly – right for your business. To get you started, here are some aspects to keep in mind when it comes to ensuring your brand is worthy of a premium price point…

What is your USP?

As a luxury brand it is pivotal to be clear on what sets your product or service apart. In other words, where is the value added for your client or customer? Remember this doesn’t have to be something completely original or innovative – it could be your reputation or sense of heritage, or even “you” as a face of the brand and your many years of experience. 

What is the customer journey like?

It is difficult to justify increasing your price without in some way enhancing the experience your customer undertakes when engaging with your brand. From discovering your brand on social media – where it will be crucial to have a clear style and colour palette – to your email communications and follow ups, every touchpoint needs to be cohesive and considered. 

What little extras could you include?

When you’re charging a premium price or competing with others in the luxury industry, it’s often expected that you will go the extra mile. For example, you may wish to include branded stationery or a small surprise gift as part of your service. For product-based brands, the presence of social media means it has never been more important to capitalise on the “unboxing experience”. By making your delivery as exciting as possible, customers will be prompted to share on their profiles, in turn raising awareness what sets you apart as luxury.

Ready to book high-end clients at a premium price point?

A luxury brand specialist can be invaluable in ensuring your transition into a luxury business feels – to both you and your audience – like a natural move. I’ve put my luxury brand-building blueprint together in a self-study version of my signature programme Elevate & Magnetise so you can start booking more high-end clients and earning more money!


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