5 ways professional luxury brand design can elevate your high-end business

In an online world dominated by visual content, never has investing in a strong brand identity been more important. In the luxury sector, the pressure to look the part is even greater still, with competition fierce and high-end consumers more discerning than ever. If you’ve been considering that 2021 might be the time to finally upgrade your DIY branding effort or refresh a tired identity, here are just a few reasons hiring a professional will be worth your while…

1. It gives you credibility 

When you’re marketing your service or product at a premium price point, first impressions are everything. From your website and social media platforms, to physical collateral such as business cards and banners, your audience will be looking for reassuring signals at every touch point. A luxury brand design will ensure you come across professional, authentic and most importantly – premium.

2. It’s unique to you

Investing in a luxury brand design is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with an artistically minded professional to bring your business to life. A great designer will work closely with you to decipher what makes your brand extraordinary, and how this can be beautifully reflected in your logo, colour palette and font. 

3. It helps with consistency across platforms

Whereas once upon a time a client’s journey might have started and ended at your website, nowadays the situation is a little more complex. In particular, affluent clientele are likely to cross-reference your social media platforms, and nothing looks more unprofessional than having different “looks” across each of them. A client wants to have confidence in who you are, what you do and even what you stand for. 

4. It ensures multi-asset coherence 

A luxury brand designer’s work doesn’t stop at your logo. If you’re looking to break into or establish your position in a competitive sector, you’ll need everything from a primary, alternate and icon logo, to a solid colour palette, patterns and bespoke typography. What’s more, a professional will make sure these all seamlessly compliment one another. 

5. It can transform how you perceive your business 

Perhaps the biggest takeaway in investing in luxury brand design is the newfound feeling of confidence it can bring. Equipped with a visual presence that represents all your business is and aspires to be, there will be nothing stopping you sending out what used to be scary proposals or attracting your dream clients. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Sarah Shuttle Creative’s luxury brand design process or what it could do for your business, get in touch here or arrange your complimentary consultation. 


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