After the rebrand: how my client raised her prices by 234% and booked with no pushback

One thing that’s incredibly important when it comes to your business is that your branding reflects the quality and level of service that you provide your clients with.

Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you have all of the skills, qualifications and experience if your branding doesn’t reflect it! 

This is exactly what was happening to one of my previous clients and I want to share with you how we transformed her branding so that she was able to increase her prices by 234% and not have any pushback.

Luxury mood board showcasing a luxury brand

What to do if you feel like you’re falling at the last hurdle  

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve got on a sales call with a potential client,  they seem really happy with what you’ve had to say and how you can help them, but the second you mention the price they push back?

Whether it’s just ‘not the right time’ for them to invest at the moment or whether it’s ‘too expensive’ overall, the answer is no and you’re not sure what else to do.

You’re showing up regularly, and you have heaps of experience and a high level of expertise but you feel like something is missing.

For many people, and for Kerry Curl, this missing something was branding that reflected her vast knowledge and experience.

Kerry is a business coach and a highly successful former hair and makeup artist who now helps to educate and empower other hair and makeup artists.

Despite her vast knowledge and experience, she felt like she lacked the credibility she deserved and this was affecting how she showed up in her business and how she was making sales.

Her visual brand identity wasn’t positioning her as the high-calibre coach she was.

She realised this was affecting her business growth so she reached out to me and got started on a complete rebrand.

This was her original visual branding that she didn’t feel aligned with her business or reflected the premium level of service she provided.

How we created a premium-level brand identity

The goal of this redesign was simple. Kerry wanted to send a message that conveyed true leadership in an aspirational yet feminine and personal way that inspired big dreams for business and life in her clients.

She wanted to attract ambitious bridal hair and makeup artists who had a deep love for fashion and style and strong feminine energy that they were ready to bring into the bridal space.

And of course, we wanted all of this to be modern while remaining chic and classy. 

After creating mood boards to reflect this premium yet modern and feminine branding, I got to work creating all of the branding assets.

The result was a modern logo design with a geometric monogram paired with a chic combination of fonts. This combined with a neutral colour palette, signature brand textures and design elements and sub-marks including a hand-lettered signature, formed the basis for a brand new website as well as business card designs.

The (incredible) results

With a new sense of confidence and pride in branding that truly reflected the level of excellence that Kerry brings to clients, she launched her rebrand.

The results and feedback have been incredible.

Since the rebrand, the price for her signature program has increased by 234% and she hasn’t had anyone pushed back on the price.

The rebrand was so successful that she made her investment back within just a few weeks and now she has a recognisable, cohesive and beautiful brand identity that is truly magnetic and as a result her business is soaring.

‘Working with Sarah was an absolute game-changer. Anyone who works with Sarah will never regret it. It’s another level’

– Kerry Curl

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