After the luxury rebrand: from stuck in a rut to winning national awards

Cake Design By Holly Miller is a cake design studio based in Somerset and although Holly loved what she did and was exceptional at her craft, she felt stuck.

Her business wasn’t growing in the way she wanted it to and during lockdown, she had time to reflect (as did most of us) and she realised there was one thing that might be holding her back.

In her own words:

“I didn’t feel my brand aesthetic showcased the level of work I produced…It didn’t attract the type of clientele I wanted to work with’”

This disconnect between her branding and the level of skill she had was knocking her confidence and seriously affecting her brand’s growth.

However, after seeing the branding work I had done for another luxury cake designer, Holly reached out and decided to invest in premium branding to elevate her business.

And the results took her confidence, clientele and brand recognition to a whole new (luxurious) level.

The rebranding process

When Holly sent over her existing branding it was clear to see where the disconnect was.

Holly was exceptional at what she did and the premium service she provided her clients with simply wasn’t reflected by this branding. Her old branding gave more of a small business, cosy home baker vibe and that’s not what Holly was after.

Holly wanted to elevate her branding so she could operate her business from a more premium standpoint and achieve the elite recognition she deserved for her talent.

She was also on a mission to attract high-end clientele that understood her worth and were willing to pay for it.

We quickly identified that Holly wanted something elegant and premium but that also had a bit of an edge.

Because not only did that represent the type of cakes she created but also herself.

It also needed to be unique and stand out from the competition.

The final brand was exactly that.

“My new branding and logo are just perfect. It is classy, elegant and extremely high-end. But it also has a bit of edginess and a unique element to it. Perfect!”

How this rebrand led to my client winning National Wedding Cake Designer of the Year 2024

The results Holly has seen since launching her new branding are truly incredible.

When I asked her if she had seen any improvements in her business since the rebrand she said two things were noticeably different.

The first was the type of enquiries she was receiving.  When we started the branding process she said that she loved to create and design big, bold and luxurious show-stopping wedding cakes and now the type of clients inquiring are looking for just that!

The second impact is truly an amazing one.

Holly recently had a national win at the Wedding Industry Awards in January. She won the award for National Wedding Cake Designer of the Year 2024.

But she said if it wasn’t for the rebrand she might never have applied in the first place because when you apply for the awards you have to attach pictures and details of your brand and business as well as photos of your work.

Although she was confident in her work, she didn’t believe she would have been confident enough to submit without her new elevated branding.

“The rebrand added that polish and finesse I needed to help showcase my business to the level of winning a National award.”

I couldn’t be happier for Holly’s win and I feel truly honoured that the branding I created for her played a significant role in her achieving this amazing milestone.

“Rebranding with Sarah was worth every penny. every element of my business has been elevated. I am so pleased that I found and chose to work with Sarah. She is ridiculously knowledgeable in her field and very obviously has a keen eye for the luxury market.”

– Holly Miller

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