The kind of results you can expect when you choose to work with a luxury brand designer

Words will never be able to convey that euphoric feeling you experience when you finally get the luxury brand design that reflects your elite business.

It’s a blend of emotions because you can’t put your finger on what was off with your design before, you just knew it was wrong. You never realised that the right font, logo, colours and layout could transform your brand from average to ultra-luxurious, making you stand so far out above your competitors that comparing yourself to them becomes irrational.

You join an exclusive luxury world where your branding does the talking for you. A place where you no longer battle on price, you’re not fighting for attention or constantly feeling inferior to your competition.

You become a luxury brand that people are desperate to work with and your expertise and value are so clearly reflected, the question becomes “how can I work with you?” instead of that dreaded phrase no luxury business owner wants to hear. “What’s the price?’

So, if you were imagining what it would be like to work with a luxury brand designer, that’s a little insight into how it feels. But, I know, you don’t want to base your investment on feelings alone, you want to base it on cold, hard facts. So let’s talk about the results you can achieve when you choose to work with an expert luxury designer.

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Results That My Clients Have Achieved and Are Possible for Your Luxury Brand Too

These aren’t fluffy, hypothetical results that I assume you could achieve after you worked with me.

These are real facts that my luxury clients have shared with me after I rebranded their business for them.

So, if you’re ready to take your luxury business to the next level and are looking for that sign which tells you the time is now to invest in an industry-leading luxury brand designer, this is most definitely it.

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Profits Have Dramatically Increased

When you have a cheap-looking brand design, it doesn’t just affect how you look online, it also affects how you price your services.

You don’t have the same confidence as someone with an elite-looking design because you haven’t got the brand design to back you up.

Charging a premium seems unrealistic when your brand looks average and unprofessional. But, when your brand transforms into a polished, luxury powerhouse, you suddenly become aware of your greatness. You’ve got the confidence to charge what you know you’re worth because your brand image finally reflects your excellence. Best of all, people don’t even question your price increase because they can see that you’re a superior business they want to work with.

And that’s exactly what happened with two of my incredible clients.

Marshecka Weddings said, “Sarah’s work is so magnificent and she provided a first-class experience throughout the design process. I have seen my profits triple since the re-branding and I am extremely grateful to Sarah!!!”

Whilst Ceri from Candour and Polish said “Thanks to the re-brand I finally raised my prices and my profit quadrupled in the first month after I launched with my new brand identity!”

Kerry Curl, my brand design client was delighted when she “Increased her programme price by 110% and got new bookings with no pushback.”

What’s even better is that Kerry made her investment back within just a few weeks and has had consecutive £10k months.

New Bookings Flowed Effortlessly

Referring back to my comments in the intro; when you choose to work with a luxury brand designer, one of the results you can achieve is to become highly sought after by your ideal target audience.

This has been true for a huge number of my ultra-luxury clients who have seen their bookings soar after their sophisticated rebrand.

A hair and makeup client I worked with, told me that their bookings doubled in the first month! They went from 15 enquiries to a huge 30 bridal bookings in just 4 weeks.

And as people are no longer concerned about price and are more excited about securing their place with you, it makes it easier to sell your top-tier packages to your audience because they perceive your value to be higher.

In fact, one client told me she booked clients at her new top premium package within just three days after her rebrand.

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Why Is This?

Because humans process images 60,000 times faster than words, this means that they make a snap judgement on your worth within milliseconds. And because visual memory is encoded in the medial temporal lobe of the brain, which is the same place where emotions are processed, it means when they see your brand’s visual identity, they are much more likely to associate your business with positive emotions. They remember these emotions for much longer than if they read your business bio.

So these results aren’t just things that happen by chance, they are backed by science, based on a proven theory of how our brains react to visual cues.

Larger Luxury Brands Become More Invested in Your Business

Don’t just presume only your audience will become attracted to your newly polished brand aesthetic, larger luxury brands will want a piece of the pie too; venues, stockists, magazines, and directories.

When a larger luxury brand wants to showcase your work, it’s a huge sign of approval because you’re essentially acting as an extension of their business. When you have a flawless brand image that reflects your elite status you’ll notice that more renowned luxury businesses want to showcase your work.

My clients have managed to secure jobs at the world’s most luxurious wedding venues including; The Shangri-La at The Shard, The Savile Club, the Four Seasons, the Ritz-Carlton Santa Barbara.

Whilst others have been asked to stock their products with famous, international stockists. This is largely down to the fact that their brand now perfectly reflects their excellence. They were incredible before but it’s hard to convey their worth when their branding isn’t up to industry standards.

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Become Featured in Industry Leading Publications

Similarly to the situation mentioned previously; industry-leading brands want to represent themselves with other industry icons.

That’s because you become an extension of their publication. If they mention you in their esteemed magazine and consequently their audience looks you up, only to discover a mediocre-looking brand, it’s going to be detrimental to their brand image.

When your business image conveys a prestigious status you become a brand that other successful companies want to represent.

A huge number of my clients have been featured in industry-leading publications because they became one of the elite luxury brands that looked as good as they worked.

In fact, a huge number of my luxury clients have been featured in world-renowned publications including Vogue, Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar, WedLuxe, Style Me Pretty, BBC, SheerLuxe, Stylist, Elle, Vanity Fair, Good Morning America and Forbes.

Because the harsh truth is that the luxury industry is shallow. It is more concerned with looks and perfection and there isn’t room for flaws.

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You Show Up Differently

This is something that’s hard to explain until you experience the transformation for yourself but so many people have said that after they decided to work with a luxury brand designer, their whole persona changed.

They didn’t just achieve enviable results but they showed up differently to work. They were no longer second-guessing their marketing, questioning their ability or downplaying their skills.

They were bold, assertive and confident because their new branding made them feel like a million dollars. It’s the same feeling you get when you try on that spectacular evening gown that fits like a glove and makes you feel unstoppable.

You knew you were great before the dress but once you put that outfit on, you step into your greatness and your level of self-worth goes through the roof.

You’re finally getting the attention you know you are worthy of and it just solidifies how incredible you really are.

There’s no more negative self-talk and the way people treat you changes. One client even said, “People treat me differently now.” Whilst another luxury service client told me “Suddenly I’m the one people want to work with.”

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You Feel Like You Are Finally Taking Your Luxury Business in the Direction It Needs to Go

Before my clients ask for my help, the majority of them are stuck in a similar situation. They have achieved success in their business but it’s capped and they’re ready to reach the next level. They want to work with a higher social group, they are looking to charge higher rates and they need to give their brand a distinctive edge.

Their previous branding had taken them so far but they needed superior branding to help them achieve their new set of ambitious business goals.

That’s why clients feel so incredible when they take the step to invest in their business because it means they’re finally stepping up and taking the action they need to drive their business to the next level.

It’s a daunting step but it’s a pivotal moment in your career when you feel like you’ve really made it. The luxury market is not for the faint-hearted and when you take the plunge to rebrand yourself and tell the world that you are a luxury service provider, it just feels like the right choice.

Several clients have openly told me that rebranding their business was the best decision they ever made.

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Are You Wanting To Take Your Luxury Business To The Next Level?

I understand it’s daunting to invest in yourself and your business but all of the most impactful decisions you make in life are those that feel uncomfortable. That’s because as humans we don’t like change but if you stay in your comfort zone you will never be able to flourish in the luxury market.

To succeed you need to make bold decisions and investing in your branding is a decision you need to say yes to.

If you’re interested in working with a leading luxury brand designer with 7 years of experience working with huge clients such as Netflix and Toska Spa, book a free consultation call here and let’s chat about how I can transform your luxury business too.


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