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What to Expect From a Rebrand (And What NOT to Expect)

As a luxury web designer, over the years I’ve learnt a lot about web design and the instant results clients expect from a rebrand. When you’re rebranding and updating your web design there’s a huge amount to consider – it’s so much more than just getting a new logo for your business. From the visuals to brand identity, marketing and social media presence, a rebrand comprises of multiple factors to ensure it is successful and a worthwhile investment.  If this is something you’re considering I’m offering you an insight into what to expect from a rebrand and what not to expect. Keep reading, it’s time to get clued up.

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What TO expect from a rebrand


A rebrand is key if you want to strengthen your credibility. As soon as clients see a professional brand, they are much more likely to put their trust into that business and trust is absolutely essential if you want to be positioned as ‘luxury’. Potential clients and customers will also get to know your brand and will quickly learn what to look for, so that your business soon becomes recognisable and achieves the ‘know factor’. If people are taking your business seriously, it automatically places you as ‘desirable’ and encourages people to find out more, before taking the next step to enquire. Credibility is key when rebranding and builds the foundations for you to take your luxury business to the next level. Without credibility, you will only get so far and you will restrict the potential of your business.

Branding tips, rebranding advice, desk inspiration, brand photoshoot ideas, working hand shots


Rebranding and web design work in harmony with confidence, whether that’s wholeheartedly believing in the ethos behind your business or having the confidence to put yourself out there and tell the world just how amazing you are. If you look and feel the part, you will feel proud sending people to your website and that is essential to launching or upscaling a luxury wedding business. A successful rebrand also provides you with the confidence and knowledge that your website finally reflects the high quality of work or services that you provide to clients. Again, this is something that should go hand in hand together. A mismatched or disjointed brand instantly raises suspicions and can quickly cause mistrust, which affects your credibility, confidence and reputation within the world of luxury.


The most important thing you can get from a rebrand is the launch of your new visual presence. A rebrand offers your clients the luxurious experience you envisioned, and the one that matches the services and products you provide. By rebranding you can expect to upscale your brand and elevate your business, where your outdated branding couldn’t.  

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What NOT to expect from a rebrand


A rebrand and updated web design is inclusive to the package and it won’t do the marketing for you – so don’t expect to rebrand and for the world to know about it without doing some of the hard work. People have to discover your brand to get to know it and to be able to put the trust into your wedding business. If they’re not seeing it, you’ve already fallen at the first hurdle. To achieve that ‘luxury’ status and be seen as a credible brand, you’ve got to shout about it and web design won’t do that for you. 

You may have invested in rebranding and launching your new website, but that’s only part of it and you’ll need to maintain a number of marketing elements to see results. From having a strong social media presence to physical marketing, this will help to retain your new-found confidence and build upon this. Don’t forget, marketing includes your visuals, your brand voice and your ethos – it’s everything that your audience see and hear about your business.

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