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3 things to do from the start to ensure the best results from your re-brand

The confidence from a high-end rebrand that is completely aligned with your brand direction, goals and values is exhilarating and powerful. 

However, when you have no clear idea on what you need or want can be scary. Or maybe you like too many things. This can lead to procrastination and the reason you’re not upleveling as you need to. 

This situation means placing ultimate trust in your designer to create something more perfect than you could have dreamed. That’s exactly what happened with my client Hannah McClune Photography, and here I’m showing you three key things to bear in mind at the beginning of the process to make sure you can have the same results.

Mood board for the feminine branding and custom website of fine art wedding photographer

1. Share Information in Abundance

I went through a detailed questionnaire, a Pinterest board and bonus pages of notes from Hannah – lots of copy, over 1000 of her images (well, she is a photographer), details on ideal clients, her favourite weddings, her personal style and more. What she deemed as ‘waffle’ and ‘too much’ was actually gold to me as a designer, because a) it felt like I had a clear picture, a birds eye view of the situation, and b) I was able to sift through it and pull out the nuggets I needed.

Providing plenty of information is key. What feels like too much and perhaps irrelevant details might just give an extra dimension to the context, or spark something important.

Whether your ideal client prefers a Caroline Castigliano gown over a Claire Pettibone creation, for example, or perhaps they are more likely to choose a sleek Jimmy Choo over a quirky, winged Sophia Webster shoe – those details all matter to me as a specialist in the wedding industry.

2. Trust

Trusting your designer to interpret your likes and dislikes in the view of what’s right for your brand is also key. Hannah liked a contemporary script, which I agreed fell in with the brand. However this wasn’t right for the main part of the logo. Using it for the ‘photography’ brought in the style without it being the star player.

Feminine branding for fine art wedding photographer with logo design and luxury custom web design

She also knew she and her ideal brides liked a neutral and minimal colour palette. However I was aware the majority of her photos included the colour green as her location is the leafy county of Berkshire and the surrounding areas. She trusted me and from the mood board onwards I interpreted these factors in a way that created a seamless brand flow.

Feminine branding and custom website of fine art wedding photographer

3. Be Open

When you allow your designer full creative freedom to do the best for your brand, true magic happens, and we can explore things that perhaps you’d never previously considered. An extreme example would be to look at the project I did for Carmela Weddings, where we went with all black website negative space.

“She wasn’t scared of going in a very different direction and not following the usual trends in my industry.” – Lisa Johnson

These things are often overlooked at the beginning of the branding process, but if we take the time to consider them when building the foundations, you too can have a hugely successful rebrand – better than you could have imagined.

To see the full Hannah McClune Photography project, click here.


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