Why rebranding is important when your ideal client has changed (+ Case Study)

“In the past, I’ve felt brand designers were just ‘ticking’ boxes with the initial brief, but with you, you took the time to fully understand me and the customers I want to attract. You carefully considered all aspects of my branding and the way to reach my ideal customers through my brand”.

Visible by Hannah 

The First Visual Brand Identity

Four years ago I had the pleasure of working with Visible by Hannah where we created a truly elegant, beautiful and timeless branding design. Visible by Hannah is a personal brand photography business based in Reading, Berkshire. Hannah specialises in telling your brand’s visual story using a light, clean and modern photography style. 

The original branding created in 2017 consisted of pastel shades and tones, creating a beautiful, fine art look. We created a unique logo that Hannah simply fell in love with. Visible by Hannah soon flourished and over the years Hannah‘s business evolved and changed in a number of ways. The business was attracting many luxury brands and Hannah was working with her dream clients. Whilst Hannah still loved her beautiful branding, over the years it became apparent that Hannah‘s ideal client had changed as her business went from strength to strength. 


After an in-depth consultation, Hannah questioned if her current branding was talking to her ideal clients. It was time for a rebrand! The first process of rebranding is to truly identify your ideal client and get to know them on a personal level. We started to brainstorm everything about Hannah’s ideal client. What hobbies did they have, what did they believe in, what kind of magazine would they read and where would they shop? 

Hannah wanted to create a more sleek, contemporary, and chic style that oozed sophistication to match her ideal clients. I’m thrilled to showcase the new branding mood board and design created for Visible by Hannah. 

It’s important to realise that whilst your brand develops and evolves over the years so will you as a business owner. Rebranding is important if your business has grown and is no longer serving your ideal clients. 

Hannah says, “Rebranding is an expensive decision, but I wholly believe it isn’t something to be skimped on. First impressions are made in seconds! Working with Sarah was an incredible experience, and she genuinely cares. Sarah wants her clients to have more than just a pretty website, she has a unique consultancy style!”

So, when did you last think about your ideal client? Who even is your ideal client? Is your branding still talking to your ideal client? A rebrand can transform your business and take your business to new levels. Get in touch to find out more and book your branding consultation call


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