The Truth About Ideal Clients

The why and the how

If you run a product or service-based business, you’ve probably heard (or been told!) that you need to know exactly who you’re targeting your marketing activities at. While this is both true and important, lots of clients come to me completely bogged down by some of the activities they’ve come across that are supposed to help them with this. From complex buyer personas to endless questionnaires, it can sometimes seem like advice is coming at you from all angles, and much of it is completely irrelevant to your business.

Perhaps you’ve been asked to define your ideal client’s favourite colour, or what pet they have. The latter may be crucial if you’re in the posh pooch accessories market, for a bridal boutique it’s likely not even to be worth the consideration. In the same way it’s not always going to be relevant whether your ideal client has children or not, but for a maternity photographer it’s arguably the most important question! As a business owner myself I know that time is one of our most precious commodities, which is why I take a bespoke approach when it comes to helping my clients define their target market.  

So what does this look like?

Just as you would expect from a luxury brand consultant or designer, the “ideal client” questionnaires I send to those I’m working with are carefully and considerately tailored. For example, if you are a wedding planner, I might ask questions such as: what is your ideal client’s wedding budget? Or what is their wedding style? Alternatively, if you’re a luxury interior designer, I would be interested in your ideal client’s style – whether boho, alternative or minimal, for instance. 

What next?

When deciding upon and envisioning your ideal client, it can be useful to think about the common factors. To illustrate, I typically work with feminine service businesses, with founders who are passionate, creative, and have a love of aesthetics and attention to detail. These are the traits they share, and therefore categorising them by age (for which it differs greatly) is not necessarily helpful and potentially restrictive. 

It’s also important to consider who you enjoy providing products or services for. My style is very warm and elegant, as opposed to stand-offish and corporate, which in turn informs my overall branding strategy.

Help and support 

If you’re not sure who your ideal client is at the moment, that’s ok too! Part of being a luxury business owner is pivoting and experimenting until you find your positioning sweet spot. You may also find that your ideal client changes the further you go into your business, as your lifestyle or even expertise naturally changes. 

If you would like to talk through your ideal client with a luxury brand designer, get in touch for a complimentary consultation.


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