10 Romantic, Realistic Calligraphy Script Fonts

Realistic, Romantic Calligraphy Font Round-Up

Let me start with the preface that I use hand lettering for my own calligraphy logos and words, so when I’m asked which fonts I’ve used, I can’t give an answer. However, because of this, I like any script fonts I might recommend to look realistic. In this post I’m rounding up 10 script fonts that will give you a romantic, authentic lettering look…

realistic calligraphy script font

1. Wonder Garden by Calamar

Wonder Garden is elegant and beautiful, perfect for a fine art look. Fully-equipped for a latin and cyrillic alphabet, it has plenty of swashes (long pen strokes at the beginning or end of a letter) and ligatures to play with to recreate a handwritten calligraphy style.

2. Breathe Poetry by Peach Crème

While being a romantic script font (hence its inclusion), Breathe Poetry also has a contemporary feel with a lighter contrast between thick and thin pen strokes. It comes with full options for swashes and a variety of punctuation and ligatures.

3. Slight by Up Up Creative

A classic-style calligraphy font, Slight comes complete with a huge array of options to create varying layouts and looks. The font has a heavy slant and heavily leans towards a copperplate calligraphy style.

4. Wild Magnolia by theinkaffair 

Wild Magnolia is a luxurious font that replicates a beautifully-flowing calligraphy style. Create different arrangements with all the features available to take the authentic lettering look further.

5. Hafidz by RedyStudio

What I really love about Hafidz is the inky look – you can almost see the ink flowing from the end of a calligraphy nib as it ebbs and flows on paper. Full of alternates, swashes, ligatures and punctuation, the options to play with are countless!

6. Galanthia by Calamar

Galanthia makes me picture a calligraphy nib scratching down beautifully thick paper. The letters mimic the variance of pen pressure with a varying stroke width to create an authentic, romantic look. Create countless looks with the range of ligatures and swashes available.

7. La Bohemia by Peach Creme

If you’re looking for a fine art font that replicates the scratchy ink of a calligraphy pen, La Bohemia is the one for you. Elegant, refined and romantic, it has an antique yet timeless look and comes complete with swashes for lowercase letters.

8. Month Glade by Sronstudio

An organic calligraphy-style font, Month Glade has a host of alternates to experiment with. Utilise this full-package font to create elegant, inky-looking text and elements for your brand.

9. Dolce Vita by Blessed Print

Beautiful and romantic, Dolce Vita flows freely and comes with a full suite of options, ligatures and swashes to make your text look even more individual and realistic, and supports a huge range of languages.

10. Dostoevsky by Peach Creme

The third font by Peach Creme to make it on the list, what I love about them all is the realism. Dostoevsky is another beauty, inspired by Russian literature, and the perfect accompaniment to make fine art work really shine.

There you have it, 10 of my favourite romantic, realistic script fonts. Stay tuned for more font round-ups on the blog soon, and make sure to follow me on Instagram. 

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