3 Tips for a Beautiful Instagram Grid (3 tools to help you create it)

.With over 26 million users across the world, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms amongst businesses and for personal profiles, with more and more accounts opting for a beautifully curated grid with a themed aesthetic. As a luxury web designer, I’m here to explain the importance of a beautiful Instagram and how it will benefit your brand. 

Instagram is essentially a shop window for your business and the better it looks, the more interactions you’ll gain – whether that’s likes, followers or bio click-throughs. A portfolio of your work, a carefully considered Instagram aesthetic will grab attention immediately and that’s exactly what you want. 

But how can you create a beautiful Instagram feed? It’s not as easy as you may think and it does take some effort, but you’ll certainly reap the rewards if you put the hard work in. Your grid needs to be consistent and cohesive with your brand – does it match your website and the rest of your social media profiles? You want your Instagram to work hand in hand with the rest of your brand. If it looks disconnected from your website, users will get confused and it will halt any further interaction with your business. Once you’ve found your theme, you need to commit to it to create a branding platform that works for you and your business. If potential clients and customers have found you through your Instagram before they discover your website, it acts as a doorway and will determine whether or not they take the next step. Therefore, it’s absolutely vital that your Instagram is inviting. 

3 Tips for a Beautiful Instagram Grid

  • Cohesion – Whether you’ve chosen a darker theme with a moody edge or a light, airy aesthetic, stick to it. The easiest way to achieve a gorgeous grid is to maintain your theme or colour palette throughout. This means your followers instantly recognise and distinguish your feed.
  • Variety – Whether you’re a photographer or wedding cake artist, it is essential that you post a mixture of content to keep your followers interested. If you’re constantly publishing the same style of image, they’ll quickly become bored and won’t scroll through your feed. Make them want to click on your post and discover more! 
  • Angles – Throughout your Instagram grid you need to balance busy and minimalist images to ensure your feed doesn’t look overcrowded or in contrast, too bare! If you’ve scheduled or published an image with a lot going on in terms of products or colour, your next post needs to feature negative space, so that they work in harmony side by side. 

A lot of your Instagram aesthetic relies on visual planning and professional photography. If you’re unable to commit to regular branding shoots or product photography, do your research and learn how to take pictures. Furthermore, find out about some of the best editing tools out there. Ensure your images are edited using the same software and filters to maintain fluidity throughout your feed and to continue the theme and feel of your page. 

Although curating a beautiful Instagram can be a time-consuming task, there are many efficient and easy-to-use scheduling platforms that will make the job a whole lot easier, from Plann to Later, Hootsuite to Tailwind. Put aside a few hours every week to really consider the visuals that you’ll using and how you want them to look on the grid, then schedule them via an app so you don’t have to think about it later on in the month. 

Handy Instagram Tools for a Gorgeous Grid

  • Plann – If you haven’t already downloaded Plann, now’s your chance! Firstly, it will save you plenty of time. Moreover, it means you can experiment with your grid and shuffle around your layout. It’s the perfect app for previewing exactly what your feed will look like!
  • VSCO– For business owners who take their own photographs, it’s important you use the same filter each time for a cohesive grid that instantly attracts followers. VSCO has an array of Insta-worthy filters that look professional. You can apply the same filter to each image that you post. This makes sure you’re ready to tackle the visual elements of social media. 
  • Canva – It’s time to make Canva your new best friend, so make sure you add this free app to your Instagram toolkit. From creating mood boards to superimposing text onto images, it’s essential to creating an envy-inducing Instagram grid. 

When scheduling your Instagram content, really consider whether or not your planned grid achieves the feel you want it to. Does it reflect your brand colours? Is it an accurate representation of your business? The more effort you put into creating an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed, the more your followers will appreciate it. Plus, it’s a chance to get creative so make sure you enjoy and embrace it. That way, it won’t become a chore. A beautiful Instagram does encourage new followers as it gives them a reason to stay. Moreover, it offers a branding opportunity for your business through visual appeal and storytelling. 

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