How to build a luxury brand: Emmy London Feature

Branding is in the stories you tell, your messaging, client appointments, the customer journey, your products packaging as well as your appearance in your store, office or online. When you’re building a high-end brand, infusing luxury into every aspect of this is key to success.

To me, Emmy London is the epitome of luxury style and we can learn so much from this high-end shoe brand.

Here are 7 ways Emmy London nailed high-end branding from both a styling and customer experience perspective…

1. The Handmade Message

With fine craftmanship and hand-beading details, you will never see a cheap, mass-produced item for sale in their store or online. With a lot of bridal customers looking for a one-of-a-kind piece this is the perfect place.

Most of the time we have something unique to sell but we aren’t always telling our prospective customers about why we are the ones to help them.

The handmade message is reinforced throughout the Emmy London marketing so visitors to the website know they will have a rare or exclusive piece no matter which page they land on first.

2. Design is in the Details

A detailed account of the design process is made prominent through their imagery as well as in their written messaging.

They create behind-the-scenes photographs, sketches and inspiration to emphasise the fine craftsmanship. The company have an entire section on their website about their design process.

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Sharing the design process of your products is a beautiful way to take prospective customers on a journey with you. It shows them the value of the high-end price tag because they get to see how the products are made. The customer then appreciates the value of the product and why it is then at that price point.

3. The Person Behind the Brand

Emmy London was created by Emmy Scarterfield and, as well as showing us the products, she brings us into her world throughout the website and on social media. She shares her love of shoes through stories.

I recently spoke to Emmy and asked her top tip for establishing a luxurious brand. Here’s what she had to say…

“My advice would be to stay true and consistent with your aesthetic, your values and your service. Try not to get distracted by looking over your shoulder at what others are doing, it will only slow you down and dilute your vision.

Do what you truly love and others will love it too. Look ahead with your head held high, develop your brand with confidence and conviction.

Don’t be afraid to share a personal side, your audience will love getting know the real you, the person behind the brand, your inspiration and your journey.”

Don’t be afraid to share a personal side, your audience will love getting know the real you, the person behind the brand, your inspiration and your journey.

4. The 1:1 Appointments

While everyone who walks into the store will be welcomed, they advise customers make an appointment prior to arriving.

Encouraging appointments means you can dedicate your time fully to your customers. Saying this will not put customers off, if anything they’ll love the VIP treatment knowing they have your undivided attention.

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5. The Signature Crystal Finish

Every pair of shoes Emmy London designs has a crystal in the sole. Now that’s a finishing touch! This crystal, much like an artist’s signature, is what makes the product unique to them.

6. The Packaging

When you buy a product from Emmy London it is wrapped in beautiful on-brand packaging complete with silk ribbon and stunning gold foil.

7. The Boutique

The boutique itself is out of this world. Their store is exquisite and lives up to the expectation after first visiting the website.

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Whether you meet your customers online or offline, it’s important to create a welcoming environment that potential customers want to stick around. Your website, social media feed, your office, your store all should represent your brand.

Now you see why Emmy London have nailed their high-end brand (and why I love them!)

Branding feeds into your messaging, your customer service and every interaction someone has with your brand.


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