How to use a project proposal document to secure the sale in your business

A project proposal document is what you send to each potential client specific to their project. This differs from a services brochure, which outlines your general offerings. These project proposals are a vital chance to win the client over by standing out and proving why they should hire you.

With this in mind, is your proposal currently losing you the sale? Once a potential customer, hopefully your ideal client, enquires with your brand, you still need to work hard in order to close the sale. Whilst it’s fantastic that you’ve initially attracted a client, this isn’t enough. Your potential new customer could be looking and enquiring with other businesses, sometimes your biggest competitors. 

Your proposal and any other visual documents need to offer a WOW-factor. During the initial enquiry stage of the sale, your visual aesthetics are more important than ever. Especially if you have a beautiful, elegant, and well crafted Instagram feed. Potential customers will browse your Instagram, Pinterest, website, documents and other customer touch points and expect the same branding across all platforms. 

You need to remain consistent in your approach including your brand visuals, messaging, service offering and all aspects of your communication including: face-to-face, virtual meetings, telephone calls and emails. Consistency adds credibility, ultimately building trust with your potential customer. 

Your brand visuals are an amazing opportunity to stand out! Highlight why your brand is better than the competition and what unique selling points you offer. A proposal is the perfect opportunity to showcase you and your brand. Remember people buy people, and people want to see the face behind the brand. 

What Should A Proposal Document Include?

Typically, a proposal should include a welcome section, about your brand and/or the experience, what to expect, what’s included in the service they get, the investment, any FAQs, an example of your work or portfolio, testimonials from previous clients and contact details. However, this varies from business to business and across different industries. 

Aim to strike a balance between the right amount of information without overwhelming your audience. FAQs are a great opportunity to include any key information including the next steps, payment options and what to expect. If you are regularly asked the same question over and over again, this information is missing from your website, proposal and any other visual documents. 

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