Standing out in a crowded market calls for a bespoke strategy

You’ve tried taking inspiration from people you admire, downloading resources and penning a few goals, but what you really need is clarity, consistency and confidence.

And that’s where I come in. By collaboratively devising a brand plan that’s uniquely yours, together we can turn that pull-your-hair-out frustration into feeling focused and empowered by your business again.

Gain momentum, book more dream clients and grow your income. Discover how and get access to the real gold (no copy & paste formulas here!) with Curated for You Consulting by Sarah Shuttle Creative.

Having spent the last 5 years growing my business with an enviable toolkit of techniques, software and media – to put it simply – I know what works. I've built a business from 0 to 5-figure months. And now, having pooled together all my tips, tricks and skills into a signature strategy kit, I’m ready to show how they could transform your business, too.

✓ Strengthen the foundations of your brand
✓ Analyse your business from a bird’s eye view
✓ Level up your content marketing
✓ Be held accountable for your progress

If you’re ready to: 

Then this service is perfect for you! See a detailed outline of the steps and benefits of having me as your personal brand cheerleader below…



A 1-month "lacklustre to luxury" package:

1 x 90-minute intensive call
1 x 60-minute call
2 x 45-minute calls

Leaving you equipped and ready with:

Clear Brand Guidelines - so you can maintain consistency which is the key to conversions!

A Detailed Action Plan - meaning you can take action immediately!

Inspired Content Ideas - so you can connect and convert ideal clients!

An Overarching Business Funnel - which means you have clarity on the big picture, relieving your stress and overwhelm



In this 90-minute Zoom call we will cover:

• Refining your mission, vision and goals - essential for growing a strong brand

• Defining your ideal client - nailing this means you work smarter and get the work you love doing!

• Getting clarity on your message - so it's absolutely clear to your ideal clients why they need to hire you!


In this 60-minute Zoom call we will cover:

• Your ideal client’s pain points (so you can address them and show them why they need to hire YOU!)

• What social platforms your ideal client uses (so you're able to focus your marketing in the right place)

• What content is valuable to them (meaning you can create better content that actually converts!)

The Tangible Takeaways

Brand Summary

Having carried out extensive competitor and market research following our previous calls, I will now be ready to share the following documents with you for discussion and review:

Ideal client – Who are you targeting?
Message - what is the core of what you are you trying to convey?
Goals – What are your business aspirations?
Vision – Where would you take your business if there were no barriers?
Values – What does your brand stand for?
Mission – What problem does your business seek to solve?
Positioning – How can you carve a space in your industry?


Action Plan

• Where to focus your online marketing efforts in order to attract ideal clients (e.g. specific social media platforms, types of content marketing)

• Clear and actionable steps for the above – e.g. what actions need to be taken for which platform etc (including resources and potential recommended roles)

Content Marketing Core

• The ways your ideal clients like to consume content (so you can get your message across)

• 20 hero content topics (with compelling title suggestions that will get them read/watched/listened to)

• Instagram Story and Reel ideas (so you're not stuck wasting time wondering to post!)

• Content repurposing flow chart - which means you can make your content work harder with less stress and time on your part!

Business Funnel Flow Chart

Detailed flow chart of your client journey from discovery through to purchase, and importantly – how to guide them back if they stray off course.

These will be handily supplied in PDF format, ready to be printed, referred to as a map, and shared with any team members as part of your onboarding process meaning your business is consistent.

Curated For You Consulting is ready to make an impact on your business...


“Sarah has a skill of seeing the big picture and how that helps focus your marketing! Her content marketing ideas and planning have helped me so much- I know what to post that my audience wants and needs to hear! Sarah's eye for detail is equally sharp for strategy as it is for style.”

Still on the fence? I’d be delighted to discuss if you’re a good fit for the package. Head to the enquiry page to book your complimentary call today.


Investment: £4,000 (payment plan available)