Warm | Earthy | Contemporary


BRANDing | stationery

Prior to working together, copywriter Ceri Olofson had been using DIY branding for Candour & Polish, and it was no longer strong enough for the next stage in her business.  I used warm tones and textures combined with clean geometric lines to create a unique, authentic brand identity, with beautiful photography from Anneli Marinovich.



"Thanks to the re-brand I finally raised my prices and my profit quadrupled in the first month after I launched with my new brand identity!

As a creative, I've always done my own branding, but it never felt cohesive or particularly effective. I knew Sarah was the designer to take my brand to the next level after I saw the results she created for my own clients. Sarah has not only designed a refined, sophisticated brand identity that I'm incredibly proud to call my own but also pushed me to elevate my sights beyond what I originally had in mind. What she gives you is so much more than just visuals - it's a thoughtfully designed identity that connects you to your dream clients and gives you the confidence to pursue your business goals."

What Ceri says...