Luxury branding colours | The versatility of pink

Creating your brand’s colour palette is one of the most important aspects of your branding process and overall marketing strategy. Your brand image forms one of the first impressions from potential customers and we all know that first impressions are everything. Colour is so much more than just a colour. Colours represent feelings, emotions and experiences. In today’s blog post I’m going to discuss the versatility of the colour pink and how it can be used in a luxury brand.

Associations of Pink

Pink is typically seen as a feminine colour, associated with romance and softness. Pink has connotations of being nurturing, compassionate and affectionate. Pink is associated to many as a light shade of prettiness, a soft and girly tone used to celebrate the birth of a baby girl, or the complete opposite as a vibrant and sexy shade of hot pink. That said, there are so many other shades of pink including Blush, Baby, Dusky, Rose, Hot, Berry and Coral. 

Pink is a beautiful and timeless colour, especially if this shade of colour works for your brand and will attract your ideal clients and audience. 

It is also a very versatile colour. It can add softness to a look but can also be very fun, in many cases a flirty and attractive colour.

Choosing your shades of pink

To create a more sophisticated tone, opt for blush and dusky tones which are more muted, easing elegance. If you are looking to create more richness and depth, opt for berry and deep pinks tones, naturally deeper tones. The shade of baby pink is often associated with babies and child-like aspects, creating a sweet and angelic tone, so be mindful when playing with this colour to ensure your brand does not come across as child-like.

As a secondary colour

Pink works extremely well as a secondary colour, especially if you would like to use a shade of pink in your brand but perhaps aren’t a ‘pink-person’. Be creative in how you can incorporate colours into your branding. 

As a leading branding expert I would recommend using a muted or rich shade of pink in luxury branding to create a chic, sophisticated and elegant style. If you do use bright pink, stay away from other bright colours. Less is certainly more when it comes to bright colour palettes, using it as a pop of colour.

Colour Combinations

Pink is one of the most versatile colours that goes incredibly well with other colours. Greens, blues, blacks, greys and whites. Deep, dark greens such as emerald colours create a very sleek and sophisticated look adding a touch of richness. Another green that works impeccably well with pink is softer greens such as sage, creating a sense of peace and calmness. If your brand represents relaxation and peace a dark navy colour might work well. These are just a few of my favourite colour recommendations. 

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