How I elevated my own brand and tripled my income (Case Study)

Well, this client case study is rather different to normal, as the client is me, Sarah Shuttle. One thing I’ve learnt over the time in this industry is that in order to build, grow and establish your business you very much have to work on your business instead of in your business. 

My business and brand, Sarah Shuttle Creative has significantly grown in just under 6 months. I’ve reached new heights I’ve only dreamt of and I’ve consistently booked my dream clients! You might be asking but how Sarah, how have you grown your business in only 6 months?

The number one factor of such growth is by elevating my brand and improving my visibility! It’s about elevating your brand and business on a consistent basis. In order to be successful, you have to get out there, get in front of your ideal target audience. And, in many cases actually ask for business. 

In order to grow and elevate your brand, you have to be consistent! It’s true, consistency really does reap the rewards. It’s time to commit, commit to being consistent. Just like I did… 

Six months ago, I made a commitment, a commitment to be consistent. I dug deep into my business plan and created an in-depth content marketing strategy that would be the driving force behind Sarah Shuttle Creative. One of my core values is quality. Not only am I extremely passionate about what I do, quality is of the utmost importance to me. Both personally and professionally. 

Another driving force behind the success of Sarah Shuttle Creative is branding! I made the decision and commitment to invest in my business again with more branded photography and videography, too. This brand video showcased what I actually do, and who I really am! 

Watch the video:

My business focuses on attracting high-end luxury brands who are looking to elevate and grow their businesses. I’ve spoken before about the importance of using luxury print materials and honestly, printed materials are absolutely invaluable to any business but for a luxury business aiming to attract high-end clientele. These printed materials are so much more than just a business card (a good quality business card may I add). Printed materials include thank you cards, note cards, wax stamps, vellum wraps… the list goes on! In such a digital world, printed materials are more important than ever. In my opinion and many of my clients who have seen wonderful results, printed materials are absolutely invaluable to any business but more so for luxury businesses aiming to attract high-end clientele. 

If you want to find out more join my Live Workshop on Thursday 24th June where I’ll be discussing some great tips on how to grow your business.

To ensure you stand out from the crowd, I offer a full printed material design service as an option for my branding clients. Please get in touch to book a complimentary consultation and let’s discuss how we can transform your brand through luxury design.


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