8 Reasons to Have a Styled Shoot to Elevate Your Bridal Brand

Is a Styled Shoot Right for Your Wedding Business?

If you’re wondering about whether or not you should be a part of a styled shoot, the simple answer is yes and for so many reasons! From portfolio building to collaborating, a styled shoot ultimately allows you to elevate your bridal brand and take it to the next level of luxury. Here’s why you need to add a styled shoot to your 2020 to-do-list…

1. Invest in your Business

Investing in yourself is the most important thing you can do for your business and without doing so, you’ll struggle to reach your ideal clientele, goal incomes and true potential. It’s true, you do have to invest both your time and money into a styled shoot but if it’s done properly, you’re guaranteed to see positive results. A styled shoot offers you the opportunity to work at the level that you want to achieve. 

2. Collaboration & Networking

If there are wedding professionals who you aspire to work with but simply haven’t had the chance, a styled shoot allows you to essentially curate your suppliers list so that you can work with the people you really want to. Not only does this help to build your portfolio and brand, it creates a sense of community. With the contribution of others, you will be able to build upon your visual portfolio as well as your supplier portfolio and it is often down to those who you are working with that determines the success of a shoot. 

8 reasons to have a styled shoot to elevate your bridal brand - teamwork

3. Less Stress

Although it can be time-consuming and take a lot of preparation, a styled shoot is generally less stress than that of an actual wedding. While you may still have a schedule to stick to, it will have more room for flexibility, and you’ll be able to dedicate an ample amount of time to ensure the perfect shots are captured. For instance, if you’re a stylist or stationer, you may want the photographer to nail those flat lays, which is something they’d usually only have a few minutes to put aside for at a wedding. 

4. Learning Curve

No matter how many styled shoots you may be a part of, you will learn something new at each event. You’ll have the chance to learn from your own abilities and from fellow industry professionals and their experiences. A styled shoot also brings you outside of your comfort zone and that is always invaluable and something you can take with you going forwards.

5. Opportunities

A styled shoot opens the door for future opportunities, whether that’s meeting new people and working on projects together to ‘word of mouth’ recommendations for future weddings. Once you put yourself out there, the rewards will head your way!

6. Unleash your Creativity

If you’ve got an epic idea for an editorial in your head, a styled shoot gives you the perfect platform to be able to unleash your creativity and let your imagination run wild. It’s a chance to show off your skills to the best of your ability so that potential clients can really see what you’re really capable of. 

7. Increase your Exposure

Whether you are choosing a print or online publication, by organising or taking part in a styled shoot you are almost guaranteed to increase your exposure and build upon your reputation within the wedding industry. You will need to have a publication in mind, but you can expect to receive more enquiries, a flurry of new followers across social media platforms and you’ll be able to cement your bridal brand within the world of luxury.

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8. Marketing Collateral

The images that you use across your website and social media are hugely important to maintaining a successful luxury bridal brand, and a styled shoot provides you with professional imagery to use for your marketing collateral. In an industry where visuals are hugely important, you will benefit from a selection of Instagram-worthy images that can be used to promote your work, the shoot and other suppliers you’ve previously worked with. 

Whether you’re a florist, photographer, cake maker or planner, every member of a styled shoot works incredibly hard to create something that is both beautiful and beneficial.


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